Gratitudes: Day 29

Turkey, Pie, Spinach Dip.


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Gratitudes: Day 28

Oh, mama.
I am so grateful for you. To have you so close by now. To watch the amazing relationship you have with my daughter. To laugh with you and goof off and lunch sometimes.
I try to never take you for granted.
I love you.
Mom and Abby

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Gratitudes: Day 27


Crazy hair day. Nothing to do with hand me downs. Just my cute kid. Hair and Photo by her dad. <3

I love them.

My kid would be naked without them.

I wouldn’t have this amazing kitchenaid mixer without them!!! (Thanks, Darcy! And to her grandmother who handed it down to HER first).

Hand me downs are eco groovy. They’re already tried and true. They come infused with a little bit of the person who handed them down to you. Like Darcy’s cookie-baking grandmother who was apparently the sweetest, most lovely grandmother EVER. I love having that sort of juju in my kitchen now.

And, we love to pass stuff down too. It’s just SMART and FUN and FREE!


Action shot. Pumpkin Pie with ginger snap crust.

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Gratitudes: Day 26

That moment you realize that the nap and ibuprofen did the trick and the headache is gone.


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Gratitudes: Day 25

Oh, thrifting.
Here’s just a sampling of the gems I’ve found in the past few months.


It’s funny because I’d never say this!


Brand new Keens!!!


This is really a THING!


Pussy willows. . . PUSSY WILLOWS!!!!


Best. belt buckle EVER.


Wore this one out for my 38th birthday last month.


More almost new Keens


There were matching pants too!


I bought this one. . . had to run out to my car for a coat one day I was going to Abby’s school to volunteer!


If this had even come CLOSE to fitting, man. Wow.


’nuff said.

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Gratitudes: Day 24

So. This house.
Carries House 036July 2003, right after we bought this beauty.IMG_7842August 2013. In front of our amazing home.

It’s been standing for almost a century.
The neighbor has been here for more than half of that time.
We bought it directly from the previous owners, who had their tiny babies here and became great friends of ours. . . I worked for the matriarch of that family, very happily, for a few years.
Now, we’ve been here over 10 years and we’ve been updating things here and there. It’s a hell of a process because we really don’t have any time, then we spent the entire summer doing updates at my mother’s home. But, we’re back, rested and have started in again in fits and spurts.
The outside is pretty unchangeable since it’s completely sided in blue vinyl (cringe).
The inside, though. . . wow.
Check it:
Carries House 028This might even be our first “real” meal in the house back in 2003.


Just today.
My guy has been working super hard.
This house has strong bones and an even stronger heart.

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Gratitudes: Day 23

She really does have the sweetest friends.



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