Rosebud Headband

Helloooooo!  Is this thing on? Somehow two weeks slipped by without word one from me.  Sorry about that.  I’ve been out of town the last two weekends, Tom’s been away for work for 9 bedtimes in these last 2 weeks, we got a new computer and the pictures are all unorganized and I feel like I’ve left my brain somewhere back on the old computer.

Phew. So, I have tons of posts brewing in my head.  Today, I give you the Rosebud Headband.

Hop on over to Skip to My Lou and make yourself a felt rosebud.  The tutorial is here and it’s lovely.  Come on back here and I’ll show you how I put together this sweet headband for my little friend Nora.

Photo and sweet kiddo by Amelia Andaleon.

Alrightyroo.  You now have a lovely felt rosebud.  You will need a headband and a regular old hairband, rubberband, hair-tie whatever you want to call it.  I got my hairband while cleaning up at Nora’s house at the end of a play-date.  I absentmindedly chucked a hairband onto my wrist as I was cleaning and then later, I absentmindedly put my hair up in it.  I only noticed as I was leaving the house. . . “um, yeah, I totally stole one of your kid’s hair things.”  Awkward!  So, I spiced it up a bit before returning it.  Nora recently got a cut haircut and needed some headbands anyway.
Right, so you’ve got your hairband and a headband and the felt rose.  Moving on. . .
I sewed that felt rose onto the hairband with a LOT of stitches.  I wanted it to be really securely fastened so it could be used as a rose hairband on a ponytail as well as part of the headband (see, a 2 fer one project!).  I made sure to attach the rose with criss cross stitches and even sewed *through* the hairband a few times so it wasn’t going anywhere (you can see the stitches fairly well if you click on the 2nd or 3rd pictures below).

Now you can either put your hair up in a ponytail with your be-rosed hairband and call it a day, or you can half hitch it onto a headband like Nora’s.  I’m hoping the pictures make sense because although half hitches are easily done, they are not so easy to type out directions for!  I put the rose through the loop 2 times to get it securely settled onto the headband.

I wouldn’t dare to suggest that you could ever be as cute as Nora there, but you can now return a stolen hairband with pride, like I did.
I’ll be back again this week with at least one item crossed off my list, a vid of the kid, and an update on the latest paper art Abby’s been into.

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4 Responses to Rosebud Headband

  1. Matte says:

    Well, we’re glad you’re back.

  2. Shannon says:

    Well hello there!
    Also: I’m so on this. Good idea, you. Did you make a matching one for Abby?

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  4. meelswa says:

    Awwww…Nora LOVES her headband. So glad you posted the instructions since it busted already! Thanks crafty Carrie!! :)

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