What I want to do with Abby this summer

  1. Make more tents in the yard with vintage sheets.
  2. Make pipecleaner dolls
  3. Print and play with paper dolls like this
  4. Make our own watercolors (or here).
  5. Finish last year’s list.  (oh my, we did *not* get very far last year!).
  6. Make a go fish game.
  7. Make splat balls and play REALLY hard with them.
  8. Make a Fairy Loom
  9. Make a Giant Xylophone
  10. Make the yard more kiddo friendly with help from this e-guide and this list
  11. Make wings
  12. Take a Dice Walk (via The Artful Parent).
  13. Make pie-plate prints (via The Artful Parent).
  14. Make a Periscope
  15. Ping pong ball tracks
  16. Weave without a loom
  17. Turn this wall into a giant outdoor chalkboard.

What are *you* looking forward to doing with kiddos this summer?

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I am a mama, wife, writer, educator, artist, knitter, activist, cook, loudmouth (not necessarily in that order). I enjoy making things with my own two hands, backpackin, running, red wine, good food, reading, writing, playing, and being with good friends. I blog a little. . . I love a lot.
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11 Responses to What I want to do with Abby this summer

  1. tory says:

    we’re going to try and do some camping. Whether it’s in the backyard or away at a campground -we want to do the outdoors.

    we’re going to enjoy one another -gardening together, canning together, baking together, painting together, exploring together, and learning together.

  2. Jill says:

    I sat down and made a poster that said “Activities We Want To Do.” Then I listed everything I could think of that would be fun for summer. Then I picked the girls’ brains and added their ideas. We can also add more items as they come up. We hung this poster in the hall where we can see it often. No excuse to be bored this summer!

  3. djshmeejay says:

    Taking Astrid to play with Abby. July is kind of packed for us, but expect some phone calls in August. The lake?

  4. Shana says:

    Sigh. Sounds wonderful. Can I run away and come live with you this summer?

  5. Shannon says:

    Wow! Thanks for the list :) I’m all over those chalk boards–brilliant! How very cool that you have a wall already in place, just begging for some chalkboard paint.

    Oh–by the way, those splat balls are also super fun to paint with. You know, because you need more on your list ;)

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