Oh, April, why do you have to be so cold!?

Poor kid is climbing the walls. . . she’s dying for Spring too.

I’m dying for spring around here. REAL spring. Though we’ve had some sunny days this week, the wind tears through and is bitter cold. I can’t seem to get warm. Not even a little bit. I’ve heard that the cold is a real “boon for moss.” This cracks me up. We’re so desperate for good weather news around here that reporters are writing stories about this cold being good for moss. Ha!

Despite our shivering ways, we’ve been really busy. There have been a million things I’ve been wanting to write about, but I’m single parenting this week while Tom’s away on business, this sinus infection is starting to really cramp my style (as are the antibiotics I’m taking to try and kick it), and we’re leaving town again tomorrow.

So, a few links etc. to pass some cold, April time.

    • Can’t stop drinking this. It’s keeping me warm.
    • Have become obsessed with this song. (via Bluebirdbaby).
    • I had an article on how to feed picky eaters published in my local paper. Click below and turn to page 4 to read it.
  • Tom and I get to see a favorite musician in concert this weekend. I’m really excited.
  • We were also going to see these guys, but the show got canceled. I’m really sad. (I mean, Gypsy Punk?!).
  • When you let small children free in the backyard with water color pencils, this is what happens.
  • A friend linked to this blog post the other day and it just kicked my ever loving butt. Go read that post. It’s amazing and full of spirit and important reminders.
  • Finding that blog made me really want to go to Brave Girls Camp.
  • I can’t stop pinning. Duh, PINNING! Follow me on pinterest here.
  • I’ve become addicted to rainbows. Maybe it’s all of the gray clouds and dull, cold weather, but I’m really digging COLOR.
  • I have a new crush, his name is Ben Sollee.

    Listen to the whole song on All Songs Considered here.
  • Here’s hoping the weather changes and some *warmth* seeps in soon!

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    1. Becca says:

      You’re so good. “Cramp my style”. A-hem.
      I love reading your snippet of life.

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