Twelve 15ths:: January

Sparkling Cider Toast on New Year's Eve

Sparkling Cider Toast on New Year’s Eve

The last streaks of a cherry smudged sunset are being wiped out of the mountains behind my house as a fog rolls in. It will be fully dark soon and the smallest full moon of 2014 will rise. The bare branches of the deciduous trees across the way are looking mighty spooky as the fog gathers in the lingering twilight.
I’ve left all of the ingredients for dinner on the counter.
The kid is off somewhere making rainbow loom bracelet tutorials and Tom is likely walking home from work with a podcast buzzing in his ears.

I have a brief and quiet moment to myself.

It is the 15th of January. The first 15th of this year and the first 15th I plan to post here.

15ths are a little special for us. Tom and I shared our first kiss on December 15th, 2000. We got married exactly 18 months later on June 15th, 2002.  My birthday is October 17th and Abby’s is February 13th and the average of 17 and 13 is. . . 15 (Yeah. . . I’m reaching on that one!). Point being, for the last 13 years, Tom and I have usually noticed when it’s the 15th of the month and share a look across the breakfast table, or a peck on the cheek and say “Happy 15th!” It’s a day each month that sticks out to me and I hope that “sticking out-ness” helps me remember to do a few things each of these twelve 15ths of 2014.

  • Take a family picture or make sure there’s been one since the last 15th. Even if it’s just a selfie on the iPhone. Too many holiday cards have no pictures of the three of us together because there ARE no pictures of the three of us together.
  • Weigh myself. . . and ONLY on the 15th.
  • Pull pictures from my phone, go through them and back them up.
  • Post something here.
  • Pause. Look around. Notice.
  • Kiss my husband. No. . . I mean KISS my husband.

That’s it. There may be more to it as the year rolls on, but I’ve got way too much on my plate to make blog promises much bigger than this.

So, Happy 15th to you! Make it sweet, friends.

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  1. Debbie says:

    Love this so much. And you…so much. <3

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