Twelve 15ths :: March

Here we are again. I feel like I blink and it’s already been another month!*

20140315-145743.jpgWe started up work on our home updates again. We’ve been mostly moved out of our living room and office. Together, those two rooms comprise about half of our main floor. We’re a tiny bit cramped together, us Sanfords, but nothing we haven’t adapted to. Tom is a painting work horse, I mostly cook food and am constantly putting things away or trying to find things. Abby is working on video tutorials for her rainbow loom youtube channel (it doesn’t exist yet. . . I’m not keen on her having an email address at age 9 and we’ve yet to discuss the implications of  her actually publicly publishing the tutorials as a family. For now, just making them for herself is enough), continues archery and started taking dive lessons this month.
I spilled about 20 ounces of water on our laptop a few days ago and shoooooeeee, I did NOT sleep for two nights while we waiting for it to fully dry out before I finally dared turn it on. Luckily, all is well. . . except the “C” key isn’t super reliable. So, apologies for the times I sign my name “arrie” on emails in the future!
Pretty much the only other deal is that I’m forcing us to work through the steps to Get our Shit Together on this website. So far we’ve gotten our will done (which meant finally designating guardians for Abby if we were both to die!!!) and life insurance. Next up is dealing with advanced medial directives and durable power of attorney. Phew. It’s not super fun work, but I already sleep better at night knowing we’ve covered two of the biggies. Getting sleep at night is a big theme for me right now. I’m fully IN midlife right now and trying to get it together so I can feel like the grown-ass woman I truly am now.
My girl, Juliana posted this on facebook last night and I fully sat up in bed when I saw it, because it so fully describes a lot of my stress right now. I’m working to let some of the stresses go and moving toward the passions.
tumblr_n288yp4lPT1rme27xo1_500What about you out there? Any passion work calling to you right now? I need inspiration

*The 15th of every month has always been a little sweet for Tom and I and so this year, I’m taking a moment to post on or near each 15th.

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  1. pazzaragazza says:

    Lucky dog with the laptop. I dropped an 8oz glass of water on the counter next to our laptop. Totally toast! Apple wanted $1300 to fix it. It didn’t even cost me $1300. Ah well. Trying to let go of all that junk:)

    • Oh, Mel!!! eeeep!!!! Oh man. . . the laptop thing SLAYED me. I was very quick in picking the whole mess up and dumping the water out, also with getting the power OFF. lucky, lucky, lucky.

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