Fire-Crackers:: Easy kid project for iced graham crackers

20140701-164119-60079388.jpgI went for a walk while Tom was mowing which left Abby and a buddy in the kitchen on their own. By the time I got home, they were knee deep into creating a popup business on our sidewalk selling iced graham crackers.



Here’s the gist of what they did.


1. Make your favorite icing. (The girls told me they did about 2 cups powdered sugar to 3 tbs water to start).
2. Take some out and color it blue. Do another cup of red.
3. Dip half a graham cracker into the white.
4. Drip a tiny drop of blue or red in the middle of the white.
5. Drag a toothpick from the center out to the edge of the white and repeat.

20140701-164121-60081555.jpgAfter a while, they got a little bored of taking their time and started making them much faster, experimenting with color and method along the way.

20140701-164120-60080918.jpgI did this one very carefully and we all loved how much it looked like the fireworks that are so festively blowing up all over this place this time of year.

That’s it! The girls sold a dozen of these and likely ate that many too. I was pretty proud of their entrepreneurship, motivation and creativity.
Abby used A Beautiful Mess’ photo editing app right on my iPhone to make that first image and asked me to post it to facebook to advertise their sale.

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